Bringing The In Store Experience Online

 Choosing the right size can be really tricky.

Every brand has its own sizing charts. As a consequence, you are likely to return 1 out of 4 clothes you would buy. Suit U has partnered with Fitle that solves this issue thanks to two tools:

Virtual fitting & Size recommendation.




In the past the only way to see how an outfit would look on your body shape you had to try it on – either at the shops or at home, with your fingers crossed. On-line shopping has made it easier to purchase garments but it’s a hit and miss option. Suit U takes out the guesswork.

We have partnered with French company Fitle who has developed a solution that enables e-shoppers to enter a virtual fitting room. An award winning concept, Fitle makes it Australian debut with Suit U where close enough isn’t good enough. At Suit U your purchase will fit like a suit should.




Suit U has partnered with Fitle who has developed the most advanced size recommendation tool on the market. This allows our shoppers to individually determine their suit size from the comfort of their own electronic device. 

On the product pages on our website, the Fitle button directly informs the buyer which size is the most appropriate according to the form and structure of an individual’s shape in just a matter of clicks.